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Join our community of Heart and Soul People who want to network, learn, share their experience, and discover even more of their potential.

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For Life

A Place for LIFE

Learn, share, and socialize in a private virtual community of Heart and Soul People. Discover more of your potential!

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Monthly Social

Jean is known for her heart, her knowledge and wisdom. She holds space for others and shares world changing visions.


This is your opportunity to network and socialize. It is your time to relax, chat about life in general, discuss books, movies, podcasts, food, and enjoy some time with friends. 

We make time to showcase one *member and they share with us more about their business and what is on offer for our members.

*member must be in good standing for 3 months.

Jean is known for straight talking, no nonsense guidance, and constant support.


"You cannot separate the person from the business. Your business is all about YOU!"

Jean Hamilton-Fford

For Business

Business - make your work about your mental, emotional, physical, financial, and energetic growth and you will love your business and your life.

A Place for Business

Workshops, courses, and events will help you engage more fully with your business. Monthly socials will allow for networking and connecting with others in the community. 

Jean is known for her unique perspective and she helps people move from initial idea to action. She is a catalyst in the best possible way. She helps you think differently.


Get a fresh perspective on doing business in a more harmonious and conscious way. Immerse to bring life to your business and your business to life! This is an atypical process. It begins in the sacred quiet of space and time dedicated to you, and takes you through implementation to results oriented emergence. You have an opportunity to be an architect of your life and your business. There is plenty of time:

  • for reflection and soul searching.
  • to create and plan.
  • to act and measure results. 

You will unearth and discover so much more about yourself and your business as we go. An open mind, willing heart, and curiosity will serve you as we venture into territory you may have not yet explored. 

You will be in good company and there is always support on hand. 

Here are some of the things you may take away from this:  

High Heart

Life and Business

From Misalignment TO Energetic Matching
From Confusion TO Clarity
From Distraction TO Focus
From Self-Doubt TO Self-Assurance
From Perfection TO Acceptance
From Waffling TO Making a Decision
From Procrastination TO Implementation
From Critical Thinking TO Realistic Thinking
From Stuck TO Moving Forward
From Fear TO Freedom

For Our Members

We begin this exhilarating journey on August 15.

Jean is known for challenging your thoughts and breaking belief patterns in a supportive and caring way.


What Others Say

Bring Life to Your Business and Your Business to Life!

Who We Are

We are a community of Heart and Soul People who want to learn, share, and network.  Bring life to your business and your business to life!



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