Heart and Soul People

Come and Gather

Come and Gather
Join a collective of luminous souls
Create a life you love
heart and soul people


Learn, share, and socialize in a private virtual community of supporters, uplifters, innovators, freethinkers, wayshowers, guides, and mentors! Come for the peace. Stay for the engagement. Build lifelong friendships.

What We Do


Practical Magic workshops will immerse you in the wonderful world of you. Dive deep and emerge renewed. Birth a new you!

Zoom Calls

Events and Socials are all on Zoom! Join us from wherever you are and relax. 


With quarterly Design Your Soul Path events, you have an opportunity to show up, participate, and discovery more about YOU.


Monthly Membership Socials are a great way to make new friends and discover collaborative possibilities. Come and gather! 

If You Want to:

  • Find peace away from social media.
  • Experience an oasis of support.
  • Build your confidence.
  • Expand your perspective.
  • Develop a network of people who 'get' you.
  • Enjoy a collaboration of collective support and wisdom.
  • Release your creativityclarity and purpose.
  • Ignite the energy of you.
  • Cultivate your self-mastery.
  • Come and Gather.

Membership Gives You:

  • Daily (Monday-Friday) Encouragement Posts, exclusive to this community. 
  • Monthly Membership Social Events.
  • Quarterly Practical Magic workshops to stretch and expand you.
  • Quarterly Design Your Soul Path events.
  • Progress and engagement points that lead to rewards and presents: 1:1 calls, books, and other gifts.

  • Freedom from the same-old, same-old.
  • Courage to change.
  • YOU, rediscovered.
  • Self-mastery resources.
  • Inspiration for your next steps
  • Deep inner connection
  • Meaningful interpersonal connections

Heart and Soul People is dedicated to empower and nurture members through courses, events, calls, and socials. Come and gather. Create a life you love.

Jean Hamilton-Fford

Create a Life You Love

Join a collective of luminous souls. Come and gather.

Come and Gather. Create a Life You Love.