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Heart and Soul People 

Who we are

We are a group of individuals dedicated to supporting and uplifting each other. We discuss personal and business issues, look for ways to encourage each other, help each other grow in confidence and competence, and compassionately engage to grow to build a larger awareness and make a difference in the world.

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Our programs

We have several programs designed for those new to the community and for those who have been a part of things from the start. Our programs help orient you to our purpose, vision, and mission and give you a broad foundation from which you can more actively engage and participate. 

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Get involved! Show up. Be present. Make some new connections. Stretch your comfort zone.

Member benefits

Members benefit in a variety of ways:

Connection: You are connected to a collective of energetic beings of light and love to support and encourage you to SHINE and produce positive results.

Conferences: Conferences are held using Zoom as our platform for engagement. We encourage you to become familiar with technology and embrace it as a tool to help you move further forward.

SHINE! We endorse SHINE! This is where members actively support each other through their social media channels to leave positive and affirming statements on posts and content. When we do this, we all benefit. While this is not mandatory, it is encouraged. More can be found in our programs.

Learning Portal:  Where we have information to deliver in the form of online learning, members benefit from a structured experience through our learning portal which can be found on our sister site, Mindful Living.

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About this community

Heart and Soul People is an online experience created to give you an alternative to social media - an oasis of calm, a refuge and a haven of support and encouragement where people come together to share ideas, further their understanding, develop their businesses, discover their confidence and SHINE!

If you want to be here and are willing to step up and be honest, open, and transparent with other members in a considered and thoughtful way, we welcome you. If you are willing to be a beacon of compassion and encourage your fellow members, then please join us


Surrey, UK

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