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Adaptation is Necessary

20 Jul 2020 8:45 AM | Jean Hamilton-Fford (Administrator)

Adaptation is necessary. It is part of our every day. Every decision we make requires an adjustment - to begin, to end, to add, to release, to accept, and to surrender.

If you're making any change, regardless of size, you are adapting to your changing circumstances and situation and adjusting beliefs, values, skills, emotions, finances, and your wellbeing to support the change. 

The great thing about all of this is that it is something everyone does from the moment they are thought about, conceived, and enter this world. You are well-practiced at adaptation. 

Refusing to adapt is a painful process. It conflicts with your natural state. There are so many treasures and gifts to be found through the process of adaptation that will evade you if you refuse.

Through adaptation we grow and evolve. We develop and innovate ideas. We create solutions and new problems to overcome. What do you need to adapt to today? What are you creating and innovating? In what way will you allow yourself to grow and evolve? It's all up to you.

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