Undergo a metamorphosis

Undergo a Metamorphosis

Cocoon yourself. Take time to reflect. Invite a metamorphosis.

Metamorphosis - change your form. What form will you become? What will you look like? sound like? feel like? be like?

When we undergo a metamorphosis, we are at our most vulnerable. In what way will you cocoon yourself so you can take the time you need to allow the shapeshifting to happen? Shift your thoughts, your beliefs and values, your ideas and trajectory.

Whatever you are clinging to, let it go. You will witness if it was truly necessary or just the idea of clinging that kept you holding on to something superfluous.

This will require courage. This will require willingness to risk. This will require entertaining and cultivating possibility. This will require sacred deliberation.

Do the work. Gift yourself the greatest treasure you have - YOU. Undergo a metamorphosis - reveal your essence!


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